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Multiple O365 Accounts on One Dashboard!

Pro Feed gives you a better overview of your incoming messages from various sources, such as Teams and Outlook. This means you will no longer miss any important information, no matter how many accounts you maintain.

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Pro Feed Beta Free of Charge. Easy Access.

Without a credit card, without storing your sensitive information. You can easily test the Pro Feed beta, even without the approval of your administrator (limited functionality).

Benefit 1

Better overview of messages in your O365 apps - currently Teams and Outlook.

Benefit 2

Work more productively. All accounts, no matter how many, on one dashboard.

Benefit 3

Ready to use immediately, free of charge. Test the Pro Feed beta now for free!

All Info at a Glance!

With Pro Feed, you decide what you want to see. By clicking on "Show details" you can expand the view to see pictures, email content and longer messages. You can also see when you have been mentioned thanks to color highlighting.

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"We are heavy Microsoft Users and therefore use Microsoft Teams and Outlook extensively in all companies of the yes and people holdings group. To keep an overview over all the companies, we have developed Pro Feed. Finally we have an app where all information about the companies are centrally available."

Image Martin

Martin B.

"In our group of companies, we have many subgroups in Microsoft Teams, so it's easy to lose track. Pro Feed ensures that all the information comes together on a simple dashboard. This means I'm always up to date and never miss any information. It simply makes my work a lot easier."

Image Michael

Michael W.

Image Filter

Filters Make Your Workflow Much Easier!

With the Pro Feed filters, you can determine in detail what you want to be shown so that you don't lose focus. We think this makes working with Teams, Outlook and other O365 apps much easier, if not revolutionizing them.

Keep the Focus.
Increased Productivity.

See at a glance which news is really important thanks to a clear user interface and filter options. Get a quick overview without having to search through the history forever - it's all possible with Pro Feed.

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Data Security.
Made in Germany!

Pro Feed is being developed in Germany and is subject to strict regulations. We guarantee that only you have access to your sensitive data. Data leaks are excluded.

“Finally we have an app where all information about the companies are centrally available.”

Martin B.

Test Now for Free and Benefit Immediately!

Pro Feed can now be tried out free of charge in beta, without providing payment details. Test for yourself whether you too can experience increased productivity, improved overview and better focus during your work thanks to Pro Feed. We look forward to any feedback!

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Pro Feed Beta

Use the Pro Feed beta immediately, without complicated registration, without hidden costs, without providing your payment details and contact information.

  • How can I participate in the Pro Feed beta?
    You can easily participate by registering with your Office365 account data at To be able to view Microsoft Teams channels, you need the approval of your administrator (receives email after dial-in attempt). It is also possible to view the Teams chat and Outlook emails without administrator authorization.
  • How does Pro Feed work? Are my conversations and data stored?
    No, we do not store any of your conversations and data, nor can we view them. Pro Feed mirrors your Teams and Outlook content on a simple dashboard. Each time you log in, your data is reloaded and mirrored. We therefore also recommend that you do not use Pro Feed on the mobile network, as this can result in a considerable download volume.
  • How many accounts can I connect to Pro Feed? How do I keep an overview?
    You can connect an unlimited number of accounts to your Pro Feed dashboard. All your connections appear on the left-hand side and you can decide for yourself whether you only want to display content from certain organizations or from all of them at the same time. The decision is entirely up to you.
  • Who develops Pro Feed? Where can I find more information about your company?
    Pro Feed is programmed by NeuroForge GmbH & Co. KG. We are an IT company based in Bayreuth, in the Free State of Bavaria (Germany), with an international team. We take German data protection guidelines very seriously. With us, you can be sure that the security of your data is our top priority and that our products are GDPR-compliant. Take a look at our website to find out more about us:
  • Is the beta really free of charge? What advantage does this have for you as Pro Feed developer?
    Yes, the beta is free and will remain so as long as it is active. We want to improve our tool and hope to receive a lot of feedback. Any feedback will also be rewarded with a discount when we release the final version of Pro Feed in the near future. If you agree that we publish your feedback including your picture on our site, you will even get the first two months of Pro Feed for free when we release the paid version.
  • What is my feedback used for?
    Your feedback is extremely important to us. Thanks to your opinion, we continue to develop Pro Feed to meet your wishes. This not only includes small improvements, but may also include new features that we have not yet thought of. That's why we reward every feedback!
  • I would like to publish my feedback with a picture on your site in order to benefit from the discount on the final version. How should I proceed?
    You can contact the service team at any time via the Pro Feed beta. Simply click on the gear wheel (bottom left) on the main page and then on "send e-mail". You can then simply send us your feedback and picture. After a short check, we will contact you and publish your testimonial after your approval. We will then send you your voucher code so that you can use Pro Feed for free for two months after publication.
  • Are all functions already included in the Pro Feed beta?
    We are constantly developing our beta to offer you more and more functions. Some functions that we present on our website are not yet integrated in the beta. You can currently connect multiple accounts, view Teams and Outlook content and be forwarded directly to this content, e.g. to respond to messages.
  • What data can you see if I take part in the beta?
    We can only see the email and IP address, as well as the time of registration. This is necessary and increases the security of our platform. Of course, we will not pass this data on to other entities.


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"Pro Feed made my Teams experience organized and much easier, now I see all the messages in one place and don't have to constantly switch between 4 accounts."

Borys Z.

Image Robert

"Pro Feed not only helps me to stay organized by consolidating messages from various teams and Outlook accounts but also comes to the rescue when the Teams app glitches, ensuring I never miss important messages."

Robin M.

Image Sania

"I love how seamlessly it integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem. It's surprisingly easy to use, while also giving me some optional, advanced features when I need them."

Sania G.

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